Woolly Science Lesson 1: Schrödinger’s Hat

As the winter draws in and I start upping my hooking speed for the yearly hat-making marathon, I thought I’d share some of my woolly wisdom in the form of simple lessons explaining yarny awesomeness.  As with everything else, they’re going to be added at random intervals, especially for those of you interested in the more educational aspects of what I do.  You’re Welcome.

Lesson 1 regards the problem many people face of keeping warm at the risk of looking way less fabulous than usual simply because of the choice of headwear and apparel available to those who have not yet discovered Woolly Nonsense.  For this reason, many people forego the use of hats and other woolly apparel, choosing instead to freeze their (yarn) balls off.  Not great, eh?

To confront this myth, I decided to conduct an experiment involving some of my long-adoring fans (and some new ones too), to prove the woollerific principle of Schrödinger’s Hat, and am pleased to confirm that YES, you can be warm and cool at the same time!!!
The Solution to your life long search for Epicness is simple:

Step 1: Realise that you don’t have to shop on the high street, or put up with the scratchy knitted wool wear made by your aunt.

Step 2: Think about the perfect hat.  Think about how it looks, the colour(s), the way you look in it. Are you Awesome or WHAT?!


Step 3: Click the “contact” button on your favourite hooker’s Epic Website ;) and tell her all about your idea. She’ll probably have questions, to help her understand your epicness, but don’t be fazed… it’s all about Schrödinger’s Hat.

Step 4: Wait for your sketch/photos.

Be. Deliriously. Happy.

Step 5: Checkout, and wait impatiently for your package to arrive, then take lots of selfies and share them on fb to be in with a chance of winning a prize! *


*prizes may vary in value, competitions are run periodically and at MumblesMummy's discretion.
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