*waves from behind a pile of yarn* COOOEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

It’s been such a long time since I posted here.  So much has happened.  So many many things.  I don’t have the words right now.

I AM still here, working away behind the scenes, a lot of house stuff and day job stuff and running around after the mini mumblers… busy busy busy, even managing to find some time to work on some ‪#‎crochet ‬goodies… slowly but surely I’m getting the ‪#‎chaos‬ under control. There has been so very much chaos. *sighs, and looks around and surveys the damage*.

The last few months have been a bit… well, a very lot… of a blur, and hopefully normality will be able to be resumed very soon *gigglesnorts and mutters about as if anything can be normal at mumble manor*.

I look forward to bringing you some new things, old favourites and lots more interaction very soon!

Much love and well wishes.

Beth. xx

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