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2014-07-16 10.57.03

AT LAST!!!! I can share with you all what I’ve been bursting to for, like, MONTHS… I’ve spent the last week and a half or more literally VIBRATING with nerves and excitement and unveiling to you something that has made me really proud to complete.  The secret mission doesn’t have to be a secret any more! If you’ve been following the latest sneaky peeky post, you’ll probably be ready to throttle me to find out what it is that I’ve not yet shared.  Wellll you can stop wondering now, cos here it is, in all its glory! :D
mini cooperDue to some technical glitches I’m still working out, I’ve uploaded the images to a new gallery HERE where you will be able to view whatever I was able to upload before my laptop decided to go on strike. :P  The whole writing-a-beautifully-presented-blogpost-with-lots-of-droolworthy-photos has erm not quite gone to the original plan.

I PROMISE that I will update this post as well as I can using my phone (so forgive any crazy layouts, I still don’t have a clue what I’m doing :P ) and “normal” service will be resumed a.s.a.p!


Well…. it all started waaaaaaaaaaayyyyy back, months ago, when the lovely Carmen from RACPA( UK) had a request she wanted to ask for my help with.  Now as you may or may not know, RACPA (UK) is a fantastic charity whose incredibly valuable work is supported by me at any available opportunity.  They are doing so much in raising awareness of the dangers children face in the world today.  I discuss it more here, but seriously suggest you go visit their website when you have some time on your hands, and need your faith in humankind rekindling.  You might remember the chtulhu hat I made back earlier in the year for them?

Yeah, well that kinda proved that I have a soft spot for them and whatever challenges they want to fire over here to me :P


So anyway… My process involves a lot of brooding, looking at pictures, thinking, avoiding completely cos I’ve got time sensitive orders to finish and finally, usually weeks later, blasting through the absolutely essential housework, sitting myself down and making the whatever-it-is.2014-07-08 13.14.15

I was presented with this, single photograph:  Even Carmen, who knows that nothing puts me off a challenge, was a little taken aback when my only issue in making the whole thing was that “I might not be able to source the exact shade of blue in metallic yarn”. LOL.  I think, really, she was hoping I’d say yes, although expected me to say no…

What you must remember is that people who run and work for charity have an incredibly difficult job.  They need help and support in order to continue doing what they do, and are often faced with having to ask difficult questions, or ask for something unusual or even downright bizarre.  As you can imagine, these questions and requests, no matter how nicely put, often receive a negative response.

Yeah welll……I’m not like that. I have a couple of mantras… “everything can be made to work if you fiddle with it long enough” and “the impossible is done at once, miracles take a little longer”.  Between the two, there is nothing I can’t do if I decide I want to.  And that is that. :)

Carmen had had a request for a handmade mini.  The handmade L’arpies (read more about them here) are sensational, As a car enthusiast and basically being the right kind of crazy to make something like this, I of course said yes. 


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