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Hold Music…

  Aaaaaand… we’re past the 10 minute mark… do be do be doooby doooby elevator noise.  Not even music.  Some awful, out of tune computer generated spanish guitar junk… We all hate it, right? NOPE!  Not me.  Not today.  Cos

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Here Be Dragons

I’ve always loved dragons.  The concept of them.  How the fact that they’re largely mystical leaves it totally up to your imagination as to what they look like. In late 2012, I began developing a dragon hat, in response to

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My Artwork! Ingrained FOREVER!!!

brett holdsworth tattoo sketch

A while ago, I was asked to do a sketch which would eventually become a tattoo.  Although I’ designed my own tattoos before, I knew not much about creating “flash” for an artist, so it was a bit of a

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