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I Spy A Clown Fish


… because little people all love snuggling… and not all of them want to be a mermaid…

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I Spy A Mermaid


So Mumble decided that in order to realise her dream of being a mermaid that she needed a tail… and in order to grow that tail she should eat sushi on a daily basis. Sounds like a plan. I figured

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Proud Mummy

I am SOOOOOOOOO ridiculously proud of BOTH of my amazing children the last couple of days. Moreso than usual. Even I had underestimated just how f***ing EPIC they really are. My heart is fit to burst with the love and

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Giraffes Can’t Dance.

2014-03-07 10.09.17

Mumble is currently of the opinion that when she grows up she might quite like to be a giraffe.  Which I think is a fabulous idea.  Much better than being an astronaut or merchant banker, I suppose. We’ve even been

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The CroSlayHer’s Latest!

erins toy story

My beautiful online friend Erin from all the way over the waves in America, is one of the most inspiring crocheters I’ve ever met.  She is one of the few hookers out there I genuinely look up to and aspire

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Rock Against Child Pornography and Abuse. I can’t express to you how important the work of these fine people is for the little (and not so little) folk of the UK.  This is their facebook page.  For the ‘bookers amongst you,

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A Moment of Calm

This is a poem I wrote back in May of 2010… for my beautiful, comical larger-than-life daughter “Mumble”, who lights up my life and my day, and whose awesome temper tantrums I love almost as much as her cuddles. She

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What can I really say about Mehhhh that he can’t say without words? Ever had one of those days where there doesn’t seem to be a word for how you feel?  It can be used as a term of indifference,

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