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A few days ago I started to share my latest, super secret project in a brief blogpost here.

Due to the fact that I need to keep the completion photos under wraps a little while longer (it’s going to be a surprise gift and I don’t want to ruin it). I can currently only share a tiny snippet of what I’ve been up to…  because it’s such a distinctive item –  its difficult to find “generic” bits to help you guess what I’ve been working so very hard on!

All will be revealed in good time, so make sure you subscribe to blog updates so you can be amongst the first to find out when I can finally post the “tada!!”

I designed the item myself.  I made it myself. The item IS complete.  I’m just being the biggest, most ridiculous tease ever to preserve the wonderful, thoughtful surprise that is headed in the direction of someone who hasn’t got a clue that it’s coming.  For those of you who crochet, it’s an amigurumi item.  For those non crocheters out there, that means its a 3D miniature object made out of lots and lots of tiny stitches.

Ok, Ok, OK!  I’ll stop waffling and share today’s picture so you can try to guess what on earth the completed item could be!  :P
2014-07-06 18.00.11

I LOVE being part of secret missions.  I simply love being in cahoots, working on a secret project, a surprise, for someone lovely, knowing how much happiness, joy, fun and smiles I am helping to make happen…. coming soon!

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**Real Time Surprise Mission Update** July 18th 2014

It’s been wrapped with love and care and boxed up and labelled with its first destination…The Mystery Parcel is starting the first leg of its journey. I’m so sad to see it go.  :( I’m all excited and nervous and can’t wait for it to arrive at its first stop! I’m SOOOOOOO impatient! Ha!2014-07-11 21.56.12

**Real Time Surprise Mission Update** July 19th 2014

It’s been signed for on behalf of the 2nd cahooter and is in the very close vicinity of its first destination – Hurrah!!!… HURRY UP HOME, CAHOOTERPANTS!!!!! I CAN’T TAKE THE SUSPENSE!!!!! :D hahahahahahahahaha!

**Real Time Surprise Mission Update** July 20th 2014

The Mystery Parcel has now arrived at its first destination: the 2nd cahooter has seen the item in person and is VERY excited indeed!!  Intelligence has been passed to the third and final cahooter to bring about the final leg of  The Mystery Parcel’s journey. Squeeeeeeeeeee!

2014-07-07 10.50.45

I am trying, (and failing HIDEOUSLY) to contain my happies… The Buzz is back and I’m literally VIBRATING with anticipation! Haha!  Come ON cahooter three – check your messages!!! :D

AND FYI: It’s ridiculously difficult to take photos of this Mystery Item without giving away what it is!!!

Soooooo here is a picture of Nuffin:

GWhat with there being aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaabsolutely Nuffin to see here.  Nope, nope, nope. ;)

Well, till now…

**Real Time Surprise Mission Update** July 21st 2014

SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAALLLLLL!!!! 3rd and final cahooter has been located and is now aware of The Mystery Parcel’s current location! I didn’t know this until RIGHT NOW, but this cahooter has not even SEEN A PHOTO of the item yet, never mind the real thing!!!! (It’s all the 2nd cahooter’s fault, that.  Naughty little pixie :O )

AND (apparently) IT’S GONNA STAY THAT WAY!!!

So it will be as much of a surprise to the 3rd cahooter as the lovely person who it will be gifted to!!!!!! It shall be embarking on the second leg of its journey by WEDNESDAY of this week after a brief pit stop stay with cahooter number two!  I’m sure there will be a photo opportunity for sharing with you all after the big reveal later this week!

I’m honestly just bouncing off the walls with excitement and nerves!!!!!! I JUST LOVE BEING IN CAHOOTS!!!!! xx :D

And on that bombshell…. normal service is resumed – make sure you are following this blog to make sure you are one of the first to find out the full story in “The Big Reveal”!!!!  


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