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2014-04-24 17.20.21

How beautiful are these flowers?  Made more beautiful by the fact that my daughter has gifted them to me.  Of all the things in all the world she could choose to give to me without having to ask me for help in getting it, she chose something so pretty.

It seems weird to me that there was a time when I didn’t have children and couldn’t crochet, since both are such a huge part of my life now.  My world revolves around my children, I am utterly in love with both of them (sassy attitudes and all) …

It seems almost sad to think about life before having kids, a life filled with workaholism, too many hours of driving, adults chatting about adult things like cars movies and money and politics… and very little else.  What a dreary colourless place that was.  I was happy then, but… I wouldn’t want to be like that now.  Not now that I’ve seen the true beauty in the world, thanks to my children for showing it to me.

Gifts like these blossoms truly make me sit and reminisce a little, reminding me to appreciate how much better my life is for me now.

Now, my home is filled to the rafters with yarn of every type and colour.  Every type of fiber.  Also every type of toy.  Probably more than Toys’R’Us and Argos combined. *happy sigh*.  It’s chaotic and I love it.

I imagine all the yarns that have run through my fingers to make my projects both for my children and others, and I smile.  I imagine a time lapse video.  I imagine thousands… no… millions… of yards of colour spinning through my fingers as I weave my hook in and out of the fabric.  Like a rainbow spinning through my hands to make the world a little brighter.  The friends around me, colourful, positive beings, who see the true joy in taking life a little (or a lot) less seriously. Bliss.

I love that motherhood gave me this gift.  Not just of flowers, or sharing the milestones my children reach on a daily basis.  But the ability to see the beauty in the world beyond what I could already see.  I’ve always been artistic, always creative, spinning the world on its head so I can view it in a different way to most people… but this transcends that.  This, reader, is happy. :D xx

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