I Lost The Boy…

Uh-oh.  Those of you who are parents will know this one, if your kids are anything like mine… You tuck them into their beds, you hear them chattering, eventually drifting off… you calmly go about your evening…

Later, you check on them, you creep over to their bed, you blink in disbelief, finding it empty, looking abandoned as if some giant hand has snatched them from the safety of their mattress… Your heart leaps into your throat as in the darkness you forget the tiptoeing around and crash over to the lightswitch…

At 2am, your brain mostly isn’t operating.  Either you’ve been asleep and got up to answer a call of nature or been watching too many late night horror movies…

This happened to me.  The common sense voice in my head, trying in vain to calm me, reasoning that there is no way The Boy could have just vanished, he hadn’t come downstairs, children don’t just vanish… I left the room to look in my bedroom, the spare room, under the beds, the upstairs yarn stash (yes I have one and yes I’ve found him snoozing in there before) the bathroom… I’d just used the loo, but would check it again anyway just in case I hadn’t noticed him snoozing…

Knowing full well that there is NO WAY your child can just vanish DOES NOT stop you feeling scared and sick when they are not where they are supposed to be. We’ve all read the BFG, and we all envision the most ridiculous scenarios when we’re scared.  I checked the wardrobe, the toy boxes, the pile of laundry… and eventually found him, in the one place it hadn’t occurred to me to look, but made the most sense…


Looks like The Beautiful Blanket has another fan… and since he’s stroked it at least once an hour since he first laid eyes on it,  I’ll be making another for his birthday, in a few days time.  <3 <3 <3  For the story of this, my daughter’s 5th birthday blanket see here.


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spamThe problem with trying to build a website, add blog posts and reach out to the world to share my gifts, is that the more content I add, the more spam comments seem to appear.  I’m new to this, so I’m working it all out as I go.  And, just like in real life, I’m thinking I am really not all that much of a fan of spam.

For the time being, all comments are to be moderated before appearing on the site, so bear with me if it takes a little while for your comment to appear.  I woke up this morning to more than 200 comments to check through for the handful that were from you, my genuine followers.  I’m working on a better solution.  In the meantime, I appreciate your patience and continued interaction.  Thank you so much!

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He Ain’t Heavy

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Don’t Stop Me Now

You know how I am employed by the Princess Mumble and Smallest Mumbler as Maker of Woolly Nonsense upon their every whim?

Well, yeah… I got another “order” ;)

Mumble has decided she really might quite like a beautiful circle blanket for her birthday.  She decided this on Sunday. Less than 2 weeks before said birthday. LOL.  So, being WonderWoman in the eyes of my daughter, what do I say?2014-02-28 09.57.33-1

“OK, that sounds awesome, let’s choose a pattern!”

I offer the usual lacy patterns like the shawls of mine she regularly borrows for snuggling under and playing games with (“They look so pretty, like snowflakes, Ma”.  No… She’d like a beautiful blanket please.

20150121_084742 (1)It dawns on me what she means;  a blanket from one of our favourite pattern books (we’re weird like that, we like to read pattern books together).

Although I normally decide to come up with a new original design based loosely on the images she’s chosen, these patterns are way too enjoyably well written to follow and produce such stunning blankets that even if I DID have the time to work out something of my own, I just wouldn’t.  The book is an ebook by Priscilla Hewitt and can be found to buy here.  I’ve already made one of her beautiful baby blankets last year.  The results are breathtaking. Any excuse to make another and I’m up for it ;)

I asked what colour she’d like.  Bit of a shocker this one, for my pink-and-rainbow-loving, Frozen-Movie-obsessed little superstar.  She’s chosen BLACK. o.O

Wendy Aran Black

Wendy Aran BlackMmmmmmmkay.  I’m excited and apprehensive.  I know that this blanket will look awesome in black.  I know that by using the yarn I’ve chosen it will be beautiful and snuggly.  I’m nervous that this is such an unusual colour choice for my little lady that she may just not like the result.  And since nobody else has made (or at least shared photos online) of this blanket in black, it’s hard to show her ’til the work is done.

Oh well.  If she doesn’t like it, I suppose *I* would have to keep it.  Shucks. #sarcasmfont.

So I ordered the yarn Sunday online and it arrived yesterday morning.  I love my yarn supplier so much. (It’s a tiny independent shop and the service is awesome).  I’ve chosen to use Wendy Aran With Wool.  Not only is it easy to care for, capable of dealing with being washed often (this is for a soon-to-be-five year old remember, and even the most careful kid needs washable blankets ;) ), it’s lovely and warm, great to work with and comes in a “real,” true, strong black (not the really really really dark grey that some are).  It looks smart and “new” coloured, not tired and a little faded. Yum.size j hook

The yarn I’ve chosen is almost double the thickness of the yarn the pattern calls for, so obviously I’ll be using a larger hook to maintain an appropriate gauge.  Essentially, this just means I’ll end up with a larger scale blanket.  The original pattern suggests the finished item will be approx 3ft/90cm diameter.  It’s too early in the morning for head-maths.  I dunno how big it’ll be.  We shall see what happens.

21st January 2015:  10 Rows in and it measures a little under 10 inches/25cm.  :D I think I’m going to have a hard time letting go of this one ;)  Even seeing just the first few rows coming together, I’m a little bit in love with it.


For those who like to stalk me on Ravelry, you’ll already be aware that I’ve added this new project. For those new to Ravelry, (or stalking for that matter) here is the link to my project.

My deadline for finishing is looming so I’m off to make some headway on this new future heirloom :P  WISH ME LUCK!  All motivational yummy noises, compliments, shares, likes and comments gratefully received :P


Round 10. After about 2 hours. 10 inches diameter.

Round 18.  Approx 5 1/2 hours total. Diameter approx 19 inches

Round 18. Diameter approx 19 inches diameter. 5 Hours total work time

22nd January 2015.

My brain decided that I need to be able to work out the percentage of progress I have made, and since circles are slightly more difficult to judge than rectangles, I had to dust off some rarely used maths skills and figure it out with some sums…

Round 30.

Round 30.

*Skip this bit and just look at the pictures if you aren’t mathematically inclined ;) For the workings out see the end of the post for updates. :P *

Since I’m using a different yarn and hook than the pattern calls for, I’ll have a totally different sized blanket.  So, to get a ballpark figure I had to work out the theoretically finished details.

67 rounds in total. (Although if I have time I may add more, since I’ve ordered more yarn than I need.  Depends on how much time I have left spare near the end. :P )  3 rounds per inch approx. (based on rounds already worked, since stitches mean that round sizes aren’t consistent) Finished blanket should be 22.3 inch radius (measurement from the centre point to edge) 44.6 inch diameter. (measurement from edge to edge through the centre point. To work out the area of a circle, use the calculation pi = r^2. pi calculation for finished blanket = 498.7in^2
Round 44

24th January: Round 44. It really is looking glorious. :P More than a little bit in love now :P

26/01/2015: ARRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!! I’ve not got enough yarn to work all the rounds!!!!! :O

Sooooo, pending the arrival of more yarn, the blanket has been “finished” so it is at least presentable enough to wrap up for tomorrow.  I’ll get more yarn and add the additional rows whilst the little princess sleeps.  I’m really pleased with it as it stands, since it’s already 3.5 feet wide with around 15 rounds to work.  :P  I can’t wait to see my big girl’s face tomorrow when she sees it! :D *scroll to the bottom to see the pic! – sorry it’s a bit rubbish but I couldn’t wait to share!)

Of course we can’t start a project without some music.  And who better than Freddie to start off the playlist this morning? :P

Update 22nd January 2015
Round 19 current diameter = 20 inches. Current radius = 10 inches. pi = 100in^2. 100. 498.7 = 0.2005
Approx 20% complete

Update 23rd January 2015
Round 30 current diameter = 33 inches. Current radius = 16.5 inches. pi = 272.25^2. 272.25/498.7 = 0.5459
Approx 55% complete

Update 24th January 2015

Round 43 current diameter = 37 inches. Current radius = 18.5. pi = 342.25^2. 342.25/498.7 = 0.6862
Approx 70% complete

round 54 lille

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Five Day Challenge, Day 1.

I’ve been nominated by the very talented lovely Annette at Make Life Cozy to show three pieces of my art every day for five days, and nominate another artist to take the “five day challenge”.

So day 1, I show you 3 photos of things I’ve made over the years and nominate…. MadCrochetScientist of MadCrochetLab.com.  Her work really is so much fun and full of personality :D

So I’m rummaging through my albums trying to decide on three things…

Elf Hat Collage
Wow this was the second ever hat I made… A gift for my (then) as yet unborn baby… he was so tiny when he arrived… it’s hard to believe of course, he’s nearly big boy three! :D I look at this now and see how far I’ve come since this little attempt. I love the colours and the tassel… and he did look soooooo ridiculously cute in it. :P




Gir CollageThe fourth hat I ever made was requested by a friend of a friend… The conversation went a bit like this:

“So…. could you make a Gir hat?”
“I would imagine so… What’s a Gir?”

It seemed so very long ago that I had never heard of Gir nor Invader Zim, the show in which both characters star.
*wistful sigh*


Giraffe Hat-001Fast Forward to 2014, soooo many hats and other wonderful things later… my daughter has started nursery.

Mumble: Ma, I think I’d quite like to be a giraffe, when I grow up.
Me: Sounds like a good plan to me.
Mumble. Can you make me into a giraffe please, Ma?

This was a moment of parenting win. Even if I do say so myself.



MumblesMummy: Maker of Epic; Dreamer of Dreams; Granter of Wishes.

For more on this giraffe costume story, check out my blogpost here.

And yes…. I AM completely nuts.

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I Got A Bit Giddy…

I made “Things”… Hurrah!

heart merch

… All of which you can buy, if you love them enough, in my store at redbubble.com!

(If you’re looking for the pattern, you need the other blogpost which is here)

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Crazy Little Thing Called Love

pink crochet heart

Here’s a pretty little thing that just fell out of my head one day, and I thought I’d write up the pattern to share with you!

It’s easy to make for a beginner with the basic stitches, and works up super fast.  A great little motif for adding to pretty much anything… headbands, hats, keychains, bags, scarves and much more.  Great for last minute Valentine’s day inventory!

Feel free to share your photos with me on any of the social media platforms and add your project on Ravelry

Woohoo! This is a free pattern which you can read straight from my page by scrolling down or if you would like to download the pdf for printing off you can access it by clicking on the heart at the bottom of this page.  :D

Please remember that although this is a free pattern, and you can make as many hearts to give away or sell as you wish, you may NOT copy, redistribute, or take credit for the pattern itself or photos.  They are covered by the same copyright law as paid patterns.  By all means share the love with your hooky friends by linking them to this post.  (It’ll be free for them too :P )  Please help me to reach more people by adding this to your Ravelry Queue here.  Liking, sharing and commenting is not essential but very very much appreciated. :D

So without further ado, here’s the pattern:

Little Love Heart Motif

little love heart motif

by MumblesMummy.  All rights reserved.

US Terms

MC = Magic Circle
ch = chain

sl-st = slip stitch

HDC = Half Double Crochet

DC = Double Crochet

This pattern works with any hook and appropriate yarn sizes, depending on the size of the heart you want to make. :)

  1. MC. Ch2 (not included in the stitch count), then working into the centre of the MC, DC3, ch1, DC3, ch1, DC3, ch1, DC3, ch1, sl-st into the first DC of the round to join.
  2. Skipping the first st of the DC3 cluster, and working into the 2nd st, DC6, (all into the same st). This will create a curved “bump”. Sl-st into the next ch-sp. Skip the first st of the next dc3 cluster, and working into the 2nd st, DC6, all into the same st. This will create a second curved “bump”. Sl-st into the next ch-sp. *LEAVE THE REST OF THE ROUND UNWORKED*  Ch1.
  1. Starting in the same st as the ch1, HDC in each of the next 3 stitches. (HDC, ch3 HDC) into the ch-sp. HDC in each of the next 3 stitches, (which will bring you to the start of the 6DC cluster on the previous round). 2Hdc in each of the next 5 stitches, sl-st 3 (taking you past the centre top part of the heart) and work 2hdc in each of the next 5 stitches. Sl-st into the first HDC to join. Fasten off, weave in the ends.
  2. Make lots and adorn the world with the yarny love! GO GO GO!click here for pdf heart

Oh and just because if you’re anything like me you sang the title of this post… a little Freddy to enjoy whilst you work :P


20/01/2015 SQUEEEE! MadCrochetLab has featured my little love heart in the Valentines Roundup! *excited* Find it here!
21/01/2015: SQUEEEE! I just found out that HodgePodge Crochet has featured my little love heart in the Valentine’s Round up! So many gorgeous patterns! Check it out here!

Have you featured any of my patterns, reviews or creations on your blog? LET ME KNOW! I love to see what people think of my work! :D

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Happy Customer Alert!


Jess from Jessica’s Crochet made this for one of her lovely customers. It’s actually from my Fafa-Licious cowl pattern, but as this lady so beautifully demonstrates, it can be just as gorgeous as an ear-warmer! YAY! Many thanks to this pretty lady for her permission to use the photo! :D  How cool is that?  Two very happy customers with one little pattern! YAY!

You can order a beautiful handmade cowl/earwarmer from me by dropping me a message, or you can get your hands on the pattern to make your own!

All of my patterns give my permission to sell your finished items, but of course it’s lovely to see what you make too!

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#TBT: Where It All Began.

This time five years ago, I picked up a hook for what was probably the 100th time to attempt to crochet. ” ‘Cos that’s what Mum’s do”.  And on this day, five years ago, I was waiting to be a Mum.  I.  Was.  HUGE.   10 days to go

It was snowing and I was bored.  I mean crawling the walls with boredom.  If I watched one more episode of “One Born Every Minute” I was going to seriously chin someone. I wanted my baby already.I loved being pregnant, and playing games with my unborn daughter… but I’d read all my maternity leave novels, packed and unpacked and repacked my hospital bag, gazed out wistfully at the “most snowfall since 1970-something”…  There’s only so much you can do when you’re basically a human Weeble.  nope not yet

I had made my darling “Mumble” a knitted blanket already, a little one, and since this was the day the “experts” had declared she should be ready to come out to play, my bag was already packed waiting and ready, complete with this teeny, stripy, yarny offering of handmade loveliness. So I was technically all set.

But I’m not the kind of person who can sit around and do nothing.  I’m not very good at waiting.  I’m not very good at being patient.  And I simply can’t survive for long without doing something crafty.  Scrap-booking and painting just takes too much tidying up and since the whole point was to be ready to go as soon as my contractions began to resemble labour. It needed to be something portable.

So in my usual, gentle, empowering manner I told myself to stop being such a div and just bloody do it. I can sculpt, paint, draw, knit… crochet was not going to defeat me.  So I borrowed a hook from my mum, and gathered together some yarn from her dubiously pastel coloured stash (hmmm.) and started chaining.

After a few false starts, A simple “granny square” began to form in my fingers.  It was a big magical really.  Suddenly I could crochet!  The pile of one square soon grew into several, and the part of me that has NEVER been happy with being like everyone else decided I’d do something a little different for the last one.  A square of simple single crochet rows.  After a little guidance, the squares became crocheted together, and a border worked around the outer edge.  This happened over the space of the next few days.  I wasn’t going anywhere.  It wasn’t as if I could fit behind the steering wheel of my car anymore.

sighThis blanket was twice the size of the knitted one.  My daughter now had two handmade blankets in my hospital bag, each stitch formed with love and anticipation of her arrival.  I was ready.  Not much longer and my daughter would start her journey into the world. She arrived and she was AWESOME.  (She still is, by the way ;) just like my son. ;) )

It would be weeks of sleepless nights, mastitis, milk fever and colic before I picked up my hook again to make anything at all.  I was walking in circles with my girl in my arms, trying to settle her poor hurty tummy.  I was walking in circles purely so I didn’t get lost.  I was so tired, like the parent of every newborn brought into the world, I was sleep deprived and emotional.  I needed to do something to make my brain work.  This was the night that I discovered that the helpline for parents and carers of crying sleepless babies out of their minds with fatigue closes at 10pm.  (I remember sobbing at this revelation).  *facedesk* sulk

So it began with a ball of yarn and a hook.  I worked whilst I walked, around and around in circles, making a free-form dress for my girl.  Why free form?  I didn’t have a pattern for what I wanted to make, even if my brain HAD have been capable of reading the words and making sense of them.

 I had a picture in my head.  That was all.

Why a dress?  With her being snuggled against my chest, and the only measurement I could check being her back, I wasn’t going to upset her more by trying to measure her feet. :P  I had no clue whether it would fit, but really more a tool to get my focus away from the pain wracking my daughters little body, to turn the volume of her tired, angry cries to a level I could cope with.  This would be a coping mechanism, nothing more.

I was kinda past caring whether “Mumble” would ever wear the thing I was making… my hook just worked, fairly mindlessly, forming stitches I didn’t yet know the names of, making clusters of stitches I would many months later find in pattern books.  I calculated in my head how many stitches I needed to increase on each row and round to form the shape I wanted.  I made them.  That’s really as simple as it was at the time._MG_3517-001

The dress eventually fitted my beautiful baby as her tiny body began to grow.  Again, the crochet was intermittent, just trying different stitch combinations as blankets.  I made a huge granny square blanket from lots of different scraps of yarn, but not much else.

From such simple beginnings, my love of crochet began.  <3

Then I became pregnant with my son.  It wouldn’t be until just before that Christmas, when heavily pregnant I would begin to make something other than blankets, and eventually find my affinity for making hats.


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Hey There! Are You New to My Woolly World??

I’m feeling a more than a little overwhelmed at the amount of work left to do on my website and the unending amount of support I’ve gotten from many of my fans whilst trying to get it all done.  So, I took a step back today and thought to myself, “Beth, you know what’s missing from your site?? – THE PORTFOLIO’S of NONSENSE!”

In all this fuss over the Digital EU VAT compliance, pattern writing, general mumble manor Christmas chaos and so much more, there is a distinct lack of awesome stuff for you to nosey at! Sooooo…

Whilst I get busy sorting through images and uploading them, working out what to say about each in its own sparkly little blog post, I thought you might like the links to some of the albums on my facebook page.  :P  (I’m still working out how to pretty them up for my site :P )

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If you’re new, just accept the lunacy and enjoy the break from organisation.  A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men….

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Once Upon a Time…

… I couldn’t crochet.  This time, five years ago, I had failed to pick up a hook and create anything that looked remotely pretty.  My attempts more resembled “something the cat threw up”.  Find out more about the humble beginnings of my love-affair with crochet here.


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Sally by Aron

Sally by Aron


Most of the time, things go to plan.  They go fairly smoothly.  The Mumble Manor version of plan and smoothly probably doesn’t look like most people’s but… yeah we can live with that.

Every so often though, a day comes along where nothing goes quite right.  In fact it all goes very very wrong.  The 5 hour hat I’m working on has so far taken three and a half days, and to be honest, I just want to stamp my feet and sulk for a bit. LOL.

On those days when everything seems to take longer than it should, more effort than it should, or more emotional investment than it should, I search like mad for the little positives.  In my head I take those little positives and I make them huge and beautiful so that the rubbish things pale into insignificance.

If that means I have to “buy” hugs from my little fella with biscuits, look a total numwit in a princess wig to amuse the little lady in my life or throw moves like four drunk monkeys in a sack on the dance game on the Wii to be laughed at by the little people and anyone else who can see through my windows then so be it.


It’s time to let the sillies commence because only the sillies can scare away the blahhhhs.  And there have been way too many blahhhhs this week in the world.  I can’t change the world, nor control it.  All I can do is focus on those who matter most to me, and make some hopefully awesome memories along the way.  I shall return, probably sore and feeling more than a little bit daft, when I’ve beaten the blahhhh’s.

The artwork contained in this post was a Mumblerific commission by the lovely Aron Mason.  Check out more of his work here.

Hope you are having a wonderful Sunday!

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Stripy Infinity Scarf and Wristers Pattern Release

Simple Stripes Infinity Scarf
Used with kind permission of Vicki Messner (c) All Rights Reserved

Used with kind permission of Vicki Messner (c) All Rights Reserved

This scarf is an incredibly versatile item to add to any winter wardrobe.  Wear it as a scarf, loose, or bundled up tight for extra warmth.  The stripes can be as bold or subtle as you wish, using your school colours, those of your favourite football team, or just those that will complement your other clothes!

This scarf is great for all ages and is a really gender neutral style, so great for men too!  For those who don’t like the fussiness of tassels or the more intricate feminine stitch styles, this is perfect!  Warm and stylish, the thick textured design helps to combat those icy winds without the need of a sweater or super-thick coat.  It looks equally awesome with a lightweight jacket, so is great for keeping in the car or office for those sudden cold snaps.

Used with kind permission of Mary Dunphy-WIlliams (c) All Rights Reserved

Used with kind permission of Mary Dunphy-Williams (c) All Rights Reserved

If you would like to order your own scarf, or one for your loved one, just contact me to discuss your needs! Simple!  Each scarf is hand made to order by myself, so please allow plenty of time for it to be made if it’s required by a particular date.


Used with kind permission of Bev Nicholson (c) All Rights Reserved

Used with kind permission of Bev Nicholson (c) All Rights Reserved

Hurrah! This beautifully textured crocheted stripy infinity scarf is also now available as a pattern for you to make your own in whatever colours you like!  (There WILL be a knitting pattern available in the future for this item, I’ll update you when its available!)

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I can’t speak right now.  Those poor souls.  May the repercussions of this only strengthen the compassion and humanity that the decent people of this world have, and spread like a wildfire.

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Arrows Tab Hat Review

I thought I’d tell you about a new pattern from Darcy of Darcy’s Crochet Creations.  It’s a cute hat named the Arrows Tab hat, and it’s available from Darcy on her Ravelry page here.Arrows Tab Hat

Well, from time to time I test items for my fellow “hookers”.  This means that I take their written pattern, work it up, and then give them notes.  This might include correcting typing errors, or maybe noticing that a stitch count is a little off, noticing that something isn’t turning out how it should or simply giving my opinion on how easy the pattern is to understand.  That’s my job, as a “pattern tester”.  As a pattern writer, it helps me to look at the work of other writers in a critical way, to help me write more clearly.  Sometimes, having spent so much time writing a pattern, you stop seeing the simple “errors”.  This is why, to me, having a pattern that has been tested is essential.

IMG_20150107_013956Since I’m in the UK, the yarns I have access to aren’t quite the thickness of American yarns, so I normally have to use an equivalent. The Bulky 12 ply yarn that the pattern calls for is closest to the chunky weights that we find here in Britain.  Some are a little finer than others, depending on brand and fibre mix, so the best way of making sure it’s appropriate is to work out the wraps per inch.  Here in the UK we buy yarn foremost by the ball weight.  I used a 100g ball of each (around 170 yds) but had some left over.  I also used antique effect buttons on my projects which I purchased from Etsy.IMG_5721

I selected a beautiful soft chocolatey brown yarn with coloured flecks which I picked up in the local shop (It’s an unbranded label that just states it’s made exclusively for B&M Retail (booooooooooo!) and some Sirdar Denim Chunky yarn left over from a previous project. The colour way for the Sirdar is “Corn”.

The pattern itself has a couple of stitches that a newbie crocheter might find somewhat awkward.

That’s not to say a beginner can’t do the stitches, but if you’re looking for a very first project this is not for you.

 If you’ve followed a few patterns and are looking to push yourself, this is perfect.

IMG_5726-001That being said, the pattern is well written, and I found it to be clear to understand. I work a little loose, so this hat turned out a little larger than I would normally make as an average size, but that is easily rectified by switching down the yarn thickness to maybe a finer chunky or even Aran weight. (This is something I have to do with most patterns). For me, switching down the hook size would have made the fabric too firm.

I also worked up a second hat at the request of the lovely Mumble who liked the design of the original enough to want one of her own (High praise indeed, Ms. Darcy! ;) ) This time I worked the same exact pattern using some Aran (worsted equivalent) weight yarn and a 4mm (G) hook.

This turned out a hat with the circumference of around 20.5/21 inches, which was perfect for Her Ladyship. (She’s nearly 5 years old) This time, I worked in one solid colour and as you can see, it came out just as pretty as the 2 colour version.  The fabric was firm enough for it to shape like a short cloche on her head, which suits my darling daughter down to the ground.

My Mum even suggested it looks a little like something that would be found worn by a cast member on Downton Abbey… what do you think?

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A Note about Craftsy and Ravelry

If you’re here because you’ve spotted one of my patterns on Ravelry or Craftsy, and its disappeared, fret not!

I’ve temporarily removed my paid patterns from sale on these sites until they’ve worked out what they’re going to do about supporting sellers with the EU VAT Law.  No animosity or drama, I just don’t want to get caught up in more confusion until everyone has worked out where they stand, and I’ve been informed by them both that they are working very hard on making the transactions possible.  As soon as they are, they’ll be re-added, I promise.  In the meantime, feel free to download any of my freebies from those sites, and when you make them, please share! I really need a morale boost with all this confusing coding making my woolly brain all achy. ;)

I’m adding my patterns to my website digital stores slowly but surely, and hope to have all the ones you’ve seen before plus more up by the end of the week.  If there is a pattern you are particularly interested in please feel free to contact me and I’ll add it at the top of my to-do list.

Have a wonderful day!

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