Oh Dear.

Well, it reached the point where I was going to start getting calls from the TV show “Epic Hoarders” here at Mumble Manor…so I decided to start decluttering.  We are talking a major downsize.


New year, new life and all that jazz for me has been about owning much much less and having much much more room around here so the creative juices can flow a little better. So…I’ve been on a mega dejunking mission.  It got brutal. I mean… I gathered alllllllllllllllllllll my yarn stashes into the same place at the same time and even *I* was a little taken aback at how really offensively large the pile was… SO… To make room in my life for the Whole New Chapter, involving many new changes, I’ve even HALVED my yarn stash.






*whimpers* …Thing is, I still possess an obnoxious amount of yarn.  *happy dance* What a good job my significant other is totally awesome and doesn’t bat an eye at it all *giggles*.   Patience of a saint, that man :P

My Three Positives Today?

1- That I have all this yarn in the first place,

2 – That I have the ability to make ridiculous/beautiful/amazing things from aforementioned yarn and (most importantly)

3- That my family love me more than enough to accept my random eccentricities and also that my stash will always need a room of its own. Even in those space saving sucky vacuum bag things. lol.

However, if I worked full time at my business (which I’m going to be able to do again later this year – hurrah!) there is probably just about enough materials to keep me busy for about two or three months… whew!

So actually, I’m a very industrious little woollybrain and it’s all totally, utterly necessary…. Right?!




Image Credit: Unknown. If this is your image or you know of its source, please let me know so I can credit properly. thanks!

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