It’s beginning to feel a lot like winter…

Here in the UK, it’s a soggy, pretty dismal day today.  It’s the kind of weather I love… Wet, Overcast, and FREEZING.  YES. Eeyore Hooded Scarf suggestion

Why do I love freezing cold weather? Well, there are so many things to love about it! My allergies calm down (hurrah) and there is every excuse for drinking hot chocolate, eating yummisome comfort food, and making huge quantities of woolly nonsense.


I love going out and not caring about how hard the wind is blowing, not worrying about getting frozen to the bone,  and oftentimes getting looked at like the oddball that I am for jumping in puddles, kicking up leaves and generally finding hilarity and joy in the fact that SummerTime is officially over for another year. 2013-12-031

This is the weather of hot baths smelling of Ginger, Winterberries and Shea Butter; of snuggling under layers of warm blankets with loved ones; of enjoying the Stone Hot Water Bottleawesomeness of the fantastically ancientstone hot water bottles, which never seem to go cold no matter how early you heat them up.

Marshmallow Toasting is a definite must if you have little people. _MG_3388-002 If you see at least thirty four things that are RIGHT with this little Marshmallow, head on over to see my amazingly talented, comic genius friend Kathy over at her new blog, here, or her facebook page.  She’ll be delighted to see you, and would love a little hi or a comment on the things that speak to you most. Take the time to browse her page and see all the fun behind the felt.

She makes all of the beautiful creations with a single barbed needle like one of these.  They are super sharp and evil. ;)
nf needleThe season of wearing oversized, superwarm woolliness is upon us.  And I’m loving every single second.  I love making, I love wearing, and I love seeing folk looking warm and toasty in the things I’ve made for them.  If you have one of my items, why not share a photo of you wearing it over on my facebook page?

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One comment on “It’s beginning to feel a lot like winter…
  1. Kathy James says:

    Oh, I forgot about the little marshmallow in toasting mode, hahaha! My mind is rather skewiff, innit. Thanks mumbles

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