I promised you something pretty to look at.

So BEHOLD.  Here it is.

curlicue cowl

It took a little longer to return to this post than I anticipated, for that I’m sorry.  This stunning cowl has garnered a lot of interest from my fans and I decided to put this post to the top of my priorities.

I’m going to deal with this bearing in mind that I have two types of fans… we all love wool, right? RIGHT!  But some of us are “hookers” and get excited about patterns and yarn and buttons and front loops… and those of us who do not crochet and whose eyes start to glaze over when I launch into the technical details.  So… Until I tell you, this is suitable reading for ALL fan types… I think.

This latest design from MumblesMummy is a sumptuous, soft, cascading piece of gorgeousness.


Even if I do say so myself.  ;)  As standard, it is made from 100% acrylic yarn, so is  easy to wash and care for.  The cowl as you see it here in the photo is created using lots of hidden stitches to hold the crocheted fabric together.  You just slip it on and “Instant TADAAA!” gorgeous, just a little reshaping might be necessary.  If like me, you simply were not born with the natural panache to make scarves look good even after an hour of trying, fear no more.  My range of cowls are the solution.  The Turtle Shell Cowl and Turtle Rib Cowl are currently available too, and are “fixed” designs also.  No matter how many times you take it on or off, you’ll be able to create the same look over and over again with minimal effort.  The gentle ribbed texture of the fabric gives dimension and extra snuggly warm thickness.

It is designed to be worn to add warmth to your outfit without bulk under coats and over garments, as a sweater would.  And of course, catch the eye of everyone you walk past. ;)  If you would like to order one, they are just £35.00 plus shipping.  You can choose whatever colour(s) you like, The one above is the most beautiful shade of “Pumpkin” I could find.

If you don’t crochet, the rest of this post will probably bore you.  So I’m not offended if you navigate away now. :P  Don’t blame me if you keep reading and your eyes glaze, or you fall asleep. ;)


The pattern for this cowl is written using a “new” technique to create those gentle ribs in the fabric.  Although I would describe it as an intermediate pattern, the download includes bonus photo tutorials of the stitches called for, taking you step by step through the process.  Once you have mastered the stitch, you’re away! It’s a great “mindless” pattern, which doesn’t involve complex repeats, and is an ideal pattern for a beginner who has mastered the basic stitches to push themselves to the next level.

The yarn I used for the cowl pictured is Caron One Pound.  It represents fantastic value and comes in a lovely range of colours.  You won’t need a full pound of yarn to create this project (watch this space for similar co-ordinating items so don’t worry about what you’re gonna make with the rest of it ;) )   Caron One Pound is worsted weight, the equivalent of Aran weight here in England, UK.  It works up quickly using a J/6mm hook, and looks a lot more complicated than it actually is.  You can substitute the yarn for any of a similar weight.

The pattern will be coming soon, and will appear in the pattern store just as soon as it is ready.  The download contains a full pattern written in US Terms (if you require UK terms, just contact me)  including not just a bonus photo tutorial for the special stitches it requires, but also a bonus photo tutorial to show you step by step how to create the cascading curlicious look shown above! Awesome, huh? Go on.  You know you want to.  ;)  If you need to add it to your Ravelry Queue or Craftsy wishlish whilst you think about it, be my guest ;)

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4 comments on “I promised you something pretty to look at.
  1. mad says:

    And now I am stealing a little chameleon from your page to put on mine!

  2. mad says:

    You lied. Where is the “about” story on this cowl? ;) Just teasing. I know you’ll get to it when you have time. Breathe! And pace yourself! ;)

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