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13282838_1772862929616685_1629797046_o-002Well… this is me.

Hi I’m Beth, welcome to my world of woolly nonsense!

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I’m 34, I live in the Republic of Ireland, along with my partner, two beautiful children and an ever-growing stash of yarn and other craft supplies.
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In early 2010, I became Mummy to my beautiful daughter and first wonderfully photogenic model.

In early 2012, I was blessed with a new man in my life, my handsome baby boy.


They. Are. AWESOME.

It was on the day my daughter was due to be born that I finally managed to learn how to crochet. I’d attempted before but for some reason had never happened.   I’d always been creative, could knit, weave, sculpt, paint, draw, play musical instruments…. but I wanted to master crochet. At first it was a hobby which I taught myself….

After making some simple blankets and a free-form dress for my little girl, I used my skills to make some gifts for a friend’s daughter. So many compliments and much admiration led to me taking my first order with a rather large helping of shock!  

Boom! My business, “MumblesMummy” was born. 

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I soon had a few orders and took the scary step of becoming completely self-employed. My facebook fan page, became the platform I used to share my work with the world.

Why choose the name “MumblesMummy”? Well, at the ultrasound scan, our daughter was dancing… I joked that because of being curled up, she looked like Mumble, the little penguin off “Happy Feet”.

The nickname stuck, and the rest is history :D

As I write this, I think about how four years ago, I could not crochet. At all. Now I’ve taught a number of people, and continue to do so. Two years ago, I’d never made a hat. EVER. Well, apart from paper ones with my brothers when we were little. Now, I’ve made more than 350. I am so blessed to have discovered a talent that lay hidden for so long.

Inspired by everything, my items are original works, and available in a range of colours, designs and materials. Whether it’s something subtle or downright strange you want, here is the place to find it!

I’m constantly evolving, and have come so far from that first blanket I made for my little princess. I welcome commissions, and ideas for new and interesting hats. I make other items too, on occasion, but my passion is definitely headwear.

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In the Autumn of 2013 I finally got brave enough to share a few of my illustrations with the world. Although I welcome ideas for designs, I am unable at present, to take commissions for drawings or papercutting templates. 

Whether you’ve been a fan from the beginning, or you’ve just stumbled over a ball of yarn on your way past (I do apologise about that ;) )


Welcome, with warm cookies and hot drinks.


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My name's Beth. This is my world of woolly nonsense. I am a mum of two, and work from home, making beautiful handmade crocheted and jewellery gifts for yourself or your loved ones. Many OOAK (One of a Kind) pieces are offered, in addition to a range of patterns. Bespoke items can be made or request, custom orders welcomed. Read more

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