Here Be Dragons

I’ve always loved dragons.  The concept of them.  How the fact that they’re largely mystical leaves it totally up to your imagination as to what they look like.


In late 2012, I began developing a dragon hat, in response to many requests from my fans.  What I came up with was a rainbow dragon, which became an instant hit.

Not surprisingly, I was asked about potential colour variations and the list is, to be fair, totally endless.  The original hat was developed after seeing and being inspired by a design of Ira Rott‘s – one of the pattern writers I’ve looked up to since I first started crocheting.  Once upon a time, I wondered if I’d ever be able to make something as wonderful as her items.

2014-03-11 11.09.23

Now I have my own business creating hats that are taking the world by storm.  Maybe when I grow up I’ll be able to write patterns of the designs I make. :P

Last summer (2013) I “dared” to make public, for the first time ever, my ability to draw.  It was a tough decision.  Not through fear of my skill, but because it is a huge part of my life which had stayed private for a long time.  My brother, Greg,  taught me to draw, and his guidance and patience nurtured a deeply rooted part in me, a love of all things artistic.  I miss him.  And I hope that he approves of the whole MumblesMummy venture.  A concept, I’m afraid to say, he never got to see.

After much persuasion, I rose to the challenge laid out for me by my good friend Dazz of Dark Hawk Arts: To draw a chinese-style dragon.   It took a little while for the image to form in my head… but as you all know, once it’s there I can tease it out in the form of woolly or arty nonsense.

Oriental Dragon one piece small colour-001

Of course it’s blue.  Blue is my favourite colour, and it seemed that a water dragon was the right way to go.  I drew the whole thing myself first in pencil, then ink, which was then run through photoshop to “clean up” the original sketch and colour it.  The original is in my personal collection however prints will soon be available via Redbubble in a range of different formats, and also as phone covers and other merchandise which will be on offer as soon as possible.  Please note that this is a link where all of my artwork is displayed and may not be suitable for workplace viewing, or in the presence of children.

As of March 2014, this chart is available to download here as a chart which can be used to make your own cross stitch, crochet, knitted, beaded, latch-hooked interpretations of this lush creature.  I’d love to show off your interpretations in a customer gallery on facebook, ravelry and my website, so contact me when you’ve completed it! :D

2014-03-11 11.09.53Since then, a water dragon hat has been swimming around my head waiting for a time when it could become a reality.  Many alterations were made: The eyes, the wings, the way the scales are constructed… minor details which result in a wholly different creation.

2014-03-11 11.09.16

It is historically one of the more difficult of my designs to photograph,  since its such a multi-faceted item.  I hope these images do it justice.

Designed and Handmade by MumblesMummy (c) 2014) All images (c) MumblesMummy

 2014-03-11 11.09.08

 This exact  item is currently available to purchase! See listing for more details.

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