Heading into 2015

OK, so things have been a little quiet around here.

I need to explain why.  It’s messy and really boring at times, and tonight, I just don’t have the strength to share what has been an horrific few months of researching, petitioning, hassling MP’s, contacting programmers and altering all kinds of things to try to make the transition into being compliant with this new EU Law.  The words I want to say simply aren’t there in a way that can be understood. I’m spent.  And, in my frazzled and over-exhausted mind, I just need to focus on the positives right now.  When I’m able, I’ll finish the huge long blog post that has nowhere near everything contained in it, and link back to it.



Just a heads up… I’m not done tinkering, I’m still ironing out some wrinkles in my knowledge and slowly adding products back into my stores, since I’ve had to basically throw away the whole of that part of my site and start again. (It sounds so much easier than it is).

Things are going to work a little differently here on my site.

The physical items will be listed in one place, the Handmade Store, where you can browse and buy to your hearts content.  By physical items I mean those that are made up, sat here in my office all parcelled up nicely and ready to wing their way to whomever completes the payment first. :D  A physical item is a tangible something that I’ll need an address to mail out to you or the person you’re gifting the item to.  At least for the foreseeable future, there won’t be a change for items I mail out, the system will run the same as it did previously.  Again, if you notice any issues, please take the time to let me know so that I can make any alterations.


The digital items will be purchasable with the use of a separate cart.  So if you want a pattern AND an actual item, then you’ll have to check out twice.  And the way you will check out will look a little different for each.  I’m so sorry but this is how I have to run things to comply with the EU law, and the only way I have found so far that makes enough sense to me that I can explain it to you if you need help. If at any time you want to view or amend the items in your download cart before you complete your payment, just click on the large chameleon in the sidebar, and he’ll direct you straight there! (Dead helpful, my chameleons ;) )  If you prefer to just buy what you came for, and not browse other patterns, you can simply buy directly using the buy it now button on the appropriate listing.

The digital downloads will be available via my digital store, and to help you see quickly what is available, I’ve made the link buttons all pretty.

The crochet patterns have a crochet hook, paper-cutting patterns have a scalpel, and so on.  freedom horseHexifan MandalaClever huh? Hopefully this will keep things looking tidy.

If you see weird things happening please feel free to contact me and let me know.

I’m way better at crochet and designing that I am at website building stuff, and since I’m doing this all myself I’m sure I’ll have a few misfires before getting it right. ;)
To make it a bit more obvious what you are buying, and help ensure that you are purchasing what you WANT to purchase, the PDF products are labeled with a little PDF banner, as shown on the images above, and also the purchase buttons look a bit different.  Please choose carefully as once you have paid for digital items they cannot be refunded.  My physical items and digital downloads are available to you wherever you are in the world. add to cart buttonbuy now button




Meet Alan and Cedric, the buy it now and add to cart buttons who will help you throw money at me for instant download digital goodies.  (Told you my chameleons are really helpful).

The patterns, templates and other digital items, for the time being, will remain the same price as they have always been.  My free patterns will remain free, and once I’ve finalised the best way of making them downloadable for you they will return to my website.  I don’t want to raise my prices unfairly, however, I have to ensure they are pitched at a price that makes them a reasonable income for me, as much as great value for you.

I hope that this is enough for now to explain the changes.  If you are worried about the new EUVAT law, the best place in the world to head for the latest updates is www.euvataction.org These ladies are fighting so hard to change the law for the better, and to find workable solutions until that happens.  Don’t be alone, and don’t make any rash decisions.  If you are a business affected by this law your voice and your story is essential. Make the team aware of how it will affect you so that they can raise your queries, if they haven’t already.

I hope that you all have a fantastic New Year’s Celebration.  May 2015 be a much better year for us all.  Party hard but remember to stay safe and happy.  I need you back here to laugh when I screw it up which I undoubtedly will ;) :D
bert hny 2015

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