Half Term Insomnia

Well, half term holiday is over, the Usual Routine can resume… it’s been awesome sharing extra snuggles with the little people and being able to glide around at a slower, calmer, more mindful pace, taking a breath and enjoying the memories as they happen.

But then the little people get tired and need to sleep (booooooo) and there’s nobody around to play with till Mr. Mumbler gets home after a long shift.  So I have choices, I can kill time on social media (a little is great but too much is a bad bad bad thing :p) orrrr I can bingewatch yet another 15 season long gory something on netflix whilst crocheting…

I’ll post a little about each of these later today or tomorrow (my brain isn’t really doing words this morning after a stressful start to the day) but I wanted to share with you the photo’s of some lovely new designs i’ve been working on.  As ever, they will be available as beautiful handmade items in the colour(s) of your choice, or for the hooky types amongst you, the patterns will be along soon over the next few weeks! Cool, huh?

rosa mia collageSuch a girly pink set for me… those of you who have followed me for a while know that pink is my least favourite colour to play with… but when i saw the colours of this yarn i just couldn’t resist turning it into something warm for a pretty little princess. This gift set is currently available here, and can be requested in the colours and sizes of your chice, simply contact me to discuss!

miami stripesWhy Miami? I BLAME NETFLIX! I went and got myself addicted to “Dexter”, a very gruesome crime series (you have been warned: not for the faint hearted or queasy, it’s incredibly graphic)…set in Miami, the questionably pastelmess of the protagonists shirts definitely set off my need to fuse together these colours in what turned out to be one of my favourite baby blanket designs! This gorgeous set is available to purchase here, or as always feel free to place a custom order to request a bespoke set for your bundle of joy!

building blocks blanket collage

Well, there was rainbow yarn.  Aaaand evryone loves rainbows, right?! This exact set is available to order here or contact me to discuss a custom order in the colours and sizes of your choice!diamonds are forever

See, now this reminds me slightly of Downton Abbey… The colours are so rich and pretty, coming together so well! This particular set is available to purchase now! What kind of colours would you choose for your precious little person? Maybe you’d like one in a larger size for an older child or adult? Drop me a line to discuss your custom order today!let it snow collage

This set is just so cute, a bright electric blue with the most deliciously strong shade of pink, in a lusciously lacy design! This set is waiting for you to buy it here, as with all items, you can custom order in other sizes & colours.
vintage elegance collageThis stunning set has now been sold, but can be custom ordered in the sizes and colours of your choice! Simply contact me to discuss your requirements!

my princess collage

This beautiful blanket incorporates a feature ribbon saying “my princess” in a beautiful rich red. Why not order it today for your special little girl? Check it out right here!


All of the above items as always can be handcrafted just for you or someone you love in the colours and sizes of your choice. Simply get in touch to discuss your needs!


The crochet patterns are currently being written up, tested, retested, double checked and prettified and will be available to download soon!

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