Giraffes Can’t Dance.

Mumble is currently of the opinion that when she grows up she might quite like to be a giraffe.  Which I think is a fabulous idea. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Much better than being an astronaut or merchant banker, I suppose.

We’ve even been lucky enough to see some in real life when we visited the animal park at Christmas and this has reaffirmed her desire somewhat.  The amusement this brings me is almost endless.


This week, as some of you will be aware, is “World Book Week”.  Dedicated to getting everyone, readers and non readers of all ages to go out, find a book and read it. Because reading is an awesome thing to do.

Due to her love of giraffes, and the obsession with actually being one, the suggestion that the children go as their favourite book character at school today was welcomed by Mumble especially since it’s a prime opportunity for her to BE an ACTUAL giraffe.


So, we went on a book hunt to find one involving a giraffe.  We didn’t have to look far.  “Giraffes Can’t Dance” by Giles Andrae and Guy Parker-Rees is a firm favourite in our house.  Almost anything involving animals is.

Well, we’d decided that a giraffe was the way to go.  My dearest darling girl asked if she could please be a giraffe? I just said “No problem”.

Luckily, we’d found out in plenty of time for Mummy to manage some magic and weave a suitable costume…

The planning involved discussions with Mumble herself.  As by now you all know, there was no point in me just going ahead on ANY element of the design without her say so.  We looked at some funky costumes, figures and hats on google images, and she told me all about the parts she like and did not like….


She drew what she wanted the costume to look like all by herself:


Meanwhile, I managed to come up with a quick sketch of my own which passed mumble-muster. *phew!*

Of course, there would be a hat.  But that would not be all…

After all this discussion and deciding and choosing and drawing we needed a drink.  Pink milk for Princess Mumble and a brew for me.  Well deserved indeed.

I set off making the beanie under the watchful eye of my girl, taking part in a wonderful conversation, answering and asking questions, talking about books, animal park visits, hat making in general and more.

2014-03-07 10.10.14

Lots and lots of spots later, finally the hat was complete:   What about the legs? Tights of course!

2014-03-06 22.27.43

Pro-markers are my favourite last minute short of time don’t-let-my-girl/boy-down tools.  A decent splatter of spots and they were done.



There had been much discussion about whether or not to include eyelashes.  Until last night, the answer was a determined no.  

Then, after closer inspection of our photos and toys Mumble decided that it would be ridiculous to have a giraffe costume without them.  Cheers, kid.  Thanks. *rolls eyes*

Most people would be phased by this last minute change of direction.

Not so at Mumble Manor.

A quick plea to Auntie Jonathan who came through for us in awesome style from the depths of his costume kit and tada! Mahoosive “WiffWaffy” eyelashes with the all important pink sparkles.  Perfect!

2014-03-07 10.09.17

Now for the sweater. More yellow. More spots! Time was low with still much to be done (This is totally normal and we never panic… it’s completely accepted that Mummy just won’t sleep :D ) Oh no!  Would it be ready in time?!

Mumble decided that she wanted to keep her costume a secret until the big day. We wouldn’t even tell her teacher or her school friends.  It would be a complete surprise.   She wanted everyone to be “shocked” at her lovely new hat and sweater.

That’s my girl.

After a lot of hours of finger twiddling, colouring and blocking, her outfit was ready.  It even has a tail and a belly button. Why? Well, why not??

2014-03-07 10.21.07

2014-03-07 10.22.38 2014-03-07 10.19.56

Every day this week she’s asked if it’s dressing up day yet.




Today is the day, and I couldn’t be prouder of my beautiful, grown up, headstrong, thoughtful,  kind giraffe.  Who says you can’t be a giraffe when you grow up? In this world of woolly nonsense, anything is possible. xxx






This creation is entirely the work of MumblesMummy.  All product and wildlife photography is copyrighted by MumblesMummy/Beth Johnson(2009-2014).  The book image was downloaded from Google.
The design idea is inspired by the actual animal, rather than solely the book, and is not endorsed or in any way affiliated with or sponsored by Giles Andrae/Hachette Children’s Books.

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