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OK Time for an official policy update. Ugh.

I have been inundated lately by other websites/pages/communities wanting to share their links on my social media pages, in “share for share” etc to improve reach.

Whilst I want to do what I can to help out these pages, many of whom are very generous and supportive of my work, were I to share all the people and pages that help me as regularly as they would like, my fans would have great difficulty in finding posts related to my business.

I hold specific sharing events periodically where I encourage people to post links to their pages to help increase their exposure, however this is done at my discretion and to suit my schedule and workload.

This page is a business page, not a community, nor a networking page. I am not just a hobbyist. It’s my job to make beautiful well-made hand crafted things for my customers.

With Facebook and other social media platforms limiting posts already, I am already seeing a massive decline in the reach each of my posts has, and I’m working hard to increase this for myself for the sake of my business. ¬†Therefore I feel it is essential to ensure that outside of the specific sharing events, all posts are content directly related to MumblesMummy moving forward.

There are hundreds if not thousands of networking pages on facebook where you can gain likes, partake in sharing sessions and the like. These are the best places to place your posts to increase your reach.

Please bear in mind that any disrespectful, unprofessional, spam or pushy sales ads posted to my wall in “post by others” will be removed at admin discretion. So will uninvited tags in your promotional images. This is beyond rude. Stop doing it. I ask that you respect my business and the fans it serves. I am very careful about what I choose to promote for other people and businesses and no amount of abuse or trolling will get you anywhere. Continued spam posts will result in you being permanently banned across all platforms if necessary without warning or explanation.

I do have a blog where I hope to feature other selected businesses and communities who have helped me to reach so many people on both website and social media platforms.

There also exists another facebook page for those of you who offer your handmade creations where I am willing to share your epicness with those of my fans who are aware of my collection of handmade awesome things. This will however be done at my discretion to fit with my schedule. If you are interested in either of these options, please contact me via my website at

Thank you for your understanding and continued support.


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