Caring For Your Woolly Nonsense

You’ve finally got your hands on an awesome woolly item from MumblesMummy! Congratulations!

Here’s just a few hints about how to keep your item looking its best.  Kinda like having a gremlin.  Only woolly nonsense doesn’t eat so you don’t need to worry about feeding it after midnight. ;)
On your new item, you’ll see a hang tag which will tell you the fiber content of the item you’ve ordered.  Use it to find the information you need below.

100% Acrylic 

Acrylic yarn is a man made fibre.  It’s a lot lighter weight to wear than pure wool, and is unlikely to cause an allergic reaction.  It’s a great choice for items that you wear every day, and for children’s items.  It can be washed in the machine, and dries really quickly.  It’s still soft and comfortable to wear, offering a cheaper alternative to more luxury yarns, and comes in a HUGE range of colours.

To Keep Acrylic items looking their best, they should be handwashed in warm water, however they can also be machine washed with care to ensure the machine is on the gentlest setting.  Choose the delicate or wool wash cycle.  It should go through the minimum washing conditions, so DO NOT add laundry balls or any kind of agitator.  You can use conditioner and normal laundry detergent if you wish, it helps to keep the item smelling nice and fresh.

If you choose not to wash it yourself, acrylic items can be dry cleaned ;)

Don’t tumble dry, as this can cause ugly looking fuzziness.  Not cool.  Instead, let it dry naturally.

Finally DO NOT steam your item, press your item with an iron or other hot object, or dry it on a radiator or other heat emitting device.  Acrylic is essentially a form of plastic, and it WILL perish or melt if you ignore this rule. The damage is permanent and irreparable.  Also, don’t burn it or get it near a flame.  I spent a lot of time making it by hand and I’ll be really upset if you do that.  So just don’t.  K?


Acrylic items tend to get slightly bigger with the first wash.  This is normal. If your item becomes pulled or misshapen with wear over time, washing usually helps to return it to its original shape. :D

Please note that MumblesMummy accepts no liability for “Laundry Damage!”.  

If you aren’t sure, give it your mum.  She knows how to do it. ;)

How to Wash an Item by Hand.

The following instructions apply to all of the fibers for which hand-washing is recommended.

(Remember: Protein fibers and silk are most vulnerable when wet.)

Fill a clean basin with cool to tepid water and a gentle cleanser made specifically for washing wool and other fine fibers, or a gentle PH-neutral, dye free detergent.

Gently squish the water through the garment, wetting it completely—never twist or wring—and let it soak.

Gently tip water out of the basin, supporting the fabric with your hands, gently pressing it against the sides and bottom of the bowl to remove excess water.  Take care doing this it can be a little awkward with bigger items.

If the detergent needs to be rinsed out, refill the basin and repeat the process.

Place the garment in a washing machine (use a lingerie bag if necessary) and briefly spin without agitation to remove much of the excess water.

Support the garment when you remove it, fidget with it til it’s the right shape, and lay flat to dry.

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