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You know how I am employed by the Princess Mumble and Smallest Mumbler as Maker of Woolly Nonsense upon their every whim?

Well, yeah… I got another “order” ;)

Mumble has decided she really might quite like a beautiful circle blanket for her birthday.  She decided this on Sunday. Less than 2 weeks before said birthday. LOL.  So, being WonderWoman in the eyes of my daughter, what do I say?2014-02-28 09.57.33-1

“OK, that sounds awesome, let’s choose a pattern!”

I offer the usual lacy patterns like the shawls of mine she regularly borrows for snuggling under and playing games with (“They look so pretty, like snowflakes, Ma”.  No… She’d like a beautiful blanket please.

20150121_084742 (1)It dawns on me what she means;  a blanket from one of our favourite pattern books (we’re weird like that, we like to read pattern books together).

Although I normally decide to come up with a new original design based loosely on the images she’s chosen, these patterns are way too enjoyably well written to follow and produce such stunning blankets that even if I DID have the time to work out something of my own, I just wouldn’t.  The book is an ebook by Priscilla Hewitt and can be found to buy here.  I’ve already made one of her beautiful baby blankets last year.  The results are breathtaking. Any excuse to make another and I’m up for it ;)

I asked what colour she’d like.  Bit of a shocker this one, for my pink-and-rainbow-loving, Frozen-Movie-obsessed little superstar.  She’s chosen BLACK. o.O

Wendy Aran Black

Wendy Aran BlackMmmmmmmkay.  I’m excited and apprehensive.  I know that this blanket will look awesome in black.  I know that by using the yarn I’ve chosen it will be beautiful and snuggly.  I’m nervous that this is such an unusual colour choice for my little lady that she may just not like the result.  And since nobody else has made (or at least shared photos online) of this blanket in black, it’s hard to show her ’til the work is done.

Oh well.  If she doesn’t like it, I suppose *I* would have to keep it.  Shucks. #sarcasmfont.

So I ordered the yarn Sunday online and it arrived yesterday morning.  I love my yarn supplier so much. (It’s a tiny independent shop and the service is awesome).  I’ve chosen to use Wendy Aran With Wool.  Not only is it easy to care for, capable of dealing with being washed often (this is for a soon-to-be-five year old remember, and even the most careful kid needs washable blankets ;) ), it’s lovely and warm, great to work with and comes in a “real,” true, strong black (not the really really really dark grey that some are).  It looks smart and “new” coloured, not tired and a little faded. Yum.size j hook

The yarn I’ve chosen is almost double the thickness of the yarn the pattern calls for, so obviously I’ll be using a larger hook to maintain an appropriate gauge.  Essentially, this just means I’ll end up with a larger scale blanket.  The original pattern suggests the finished item will be approx 3ft/90cm diameter.  It’s too early in the morning for head-maths.  I dunno how big it’ll be.  We shall see what happens.

21st January 2015:  10 Rows in and it measures a little under 10 inches/25cm.  :D I think I’m going to have a hard time letting go of this one ;)  Even seeing just the first few rows coming together, I’m a little bit in love with it.


For those who like to stalk me on Ravelry, you’ll already be aware that I’ve added this new project. For those new to Ravelry, (or stalking for that matter) here is the link to my project.

My deadline for finishing is looming so I’m off to make some headway on this new future heirloom :P  WISH ME LUCK!  All motivational yummy noises, compliments, shares, likes and comments gratefully received :P


Round 10. After about 2 hours. 10 inches diameter.

Round 18.  Approx 5 1/2 hours total. Diameter approx 19 inches

Round 18. Diameter approx 19 inches diameter. 5 Hours total work time

22nd January 2015.

My brain decided that I need to be able to work out the percentage of progress I have made, and since circles are slightly more difficult to judge than rectangles, I had to dust off some rarely used maths skills and figure it out with some sums…

Round 30.

Round 30.

*Skip this bit and just look at the pictures if you aren’t mathematically inclined ;) For the workings out see the end of the post for updates. :P *

Since I’m using a different yarn and hook than the pattern calls for, I’ll have a totally different sized blanket.  So, to get a ballpark figure I had to work out the theoretically finished details.

67 rounds in total. (Although if I have time I may add more, since I’ve ordered more yarn than I need.  Depends on how much time I have left spare near the end. :P )  3 rounds per inch approx. (based on rounds already worked, since stitches mean that round sizes aren’t consistent) Finished blanket should be 22.3 inch radius (measurement from the centre point to edge) 44.6 inch diameter. (measurement from edge to edge through the centre point. To work out the area of a circle, use the calculation pi = r^2. pi calculation for finished blanket = 498.7in^2
Round 44

24th January: Round 44. It really is looking glorious. :P More than a little bit in love now :P

26/01/2015: ARRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!! I’ve not got enough yarn to work all the rounds!!!!! :O

Sooooo, pending the arrival of more yarn, the blanket has been “finished” so it is at least presentable enough to wrap up for tomorrow.  I’ll get more yarn and add the additional rows whilst the little princess sleeps.  I’m really pleased with it as it stands, since it’s already 3.5 feet wide with around 15 rounds to work.  :P  I can’t wait to see my big girl’s face tomorrow when she sees it! :D *scroll to the bottom to see the pic! – sorry it’s a bit rubbish but I couldn’t wait to share!)

Of course we can’t start a project without some music.  And who better than Freddie to start off the playlist this morning? :P

Update 22nd January 2015
Round 19 current diameter = 20 inches. Current radius = 10 inches. pi = 100in^2. 100. 498.7 = 0.2005
Approx 20% complete

Update 23rd January 2015
Round 30 current diameter = 33 inches. Current radius = 16.5 inches. pi = 272.25^2. 272.25/498.7 = 0.5459
Approx 55% complete

Update 24th January 2015

Round 43 current diameter = 37 inches. Current radius = 18.5. pi = 342.25^2. 342.25/498.7 = 0.6862
Approx 70% complete

round 54 lille

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