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FAQ: How Do I Customise?

I get it.  You’ve seen something you like.  Maybe even love. That’s great! But you don’t see the exact. thing. you. want. What you’ve seen has caught your attention but…t’s not quite perfect for you, right?  It’s not the right

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Woolly Science Lesson 1: Schrödinger’s Hat

As the winter draws in and I start upping my hooking speed for the yearly hat-making marathon, I thought I’d share some of my woolly wisdom in the form of simple lessons explaining yarny awesomeness.  As with everything else, they’re

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Regarding Digital Pattern Stores

OK, so the UK has voted to leave the E.U.   In all honesty, it’s taken me too long already to try to meet the ridiculous expectations of the digital download laws that happened in January 2015 on my website.

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New Start. New Me.

Oh Wow.  So many things.  So very many things have happened. So many wonderful people lost to us from this world, who will be so very sadly missed.  So many new friends to make new memories with.  So many changes

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Oh Dear.

Well, it reached the point where I was going to start getting calls from the TV show “Epic Hoarders” here at Mumble Manor…so I decided to start decluttering.  We are talking a major downsize.   New year, new life and

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After a long break away from social media and the internet in general, I will be dusting it off and being much more active again. I will soon be making some changes to the way things are run on platforms like

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Happy Star Wars Day!

Many thanks to the lovely Lee for modelling his gnarly edition Boba Fett hat, and to Anthony Didsbury Photography for this epic Photo!

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*waves from behind a pile of yarn* COOOEEEEEEEEEE!!!! It’s been such a long time since I posted here.  So much has happened.  So many many things.  I don’t have the words right now. I AM still here, working away behind

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Happy Star Wars Day!

May the 4th be with you!

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Happy Easter!

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I Spy A Clown Fish


… because little people all love snuggling… and not all of them want to be a mermaid…

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I Spy A Mermaid


So Mumble decided that in order to realise her dream of being a mermaid that she needed a tail… and in order to grow that tail she should eat sushi on a daily basis. Sounds like a plan. I figured

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UGGGHHHH! The problem with trying to build a website, add blog posts and reach out to the world to share my gifts, is that the more content I add, the more spam comments seem to appear.  I’m new to this,

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Don’t Stop Me Now

You know how I am employed by the Princess Mumble and Smallest Mumbler as Maker of Woolly Nonsense upon their every whim? Well, yeah… I got another “order” Mumble has decided she really might quite like a beautiful circle blanket

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Five Day Challenge, Day 1.

I’ve been nominated by the very talented lovely Annette at Make Life Cozy to show three pieces of my art every day for five days, and nominate another artist to take the “five day challenge”. So day 1, I show you 3

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#TBT: Where It All Began.

This time five years ago, I picked up a hook for what was probably the 100th time to attempt to crochet. ” ‘Cos that’s what Mum’s do”.  And on this day, five years ago, I was waiting to be a

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