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How to Measure your Head for a MumblesMummy Hat.

Take a measuring tape and place it around the circumference of your head, slightly above the ears, (just above where the edge of the hat will sit) with the tape held firmly.  It shouldn’t be too tight, just fit snugly

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Someone Ate the Last Green Pill. B*****ds.

Ok own up.   Which fascist bas***d did it? Which megabeast swallowed the last green pill and killed Drop Dead Fred? For real this time.  Ugh.  You’re such a complete and utter bas***d.   My heart is broken in more

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My Infamous Crochet Hooks

Whenever I share my work- in- progress (WIP) photos, the crochet hook I’m using is usually peeking in there somewhere.  I have a huge collection of hooks.  Some inherited, some gifted. Some are metal, covered in clay, others sculpted from

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Driving Miss Daisy

daisy hat

It’s impossible to resist taking challenges from lovely people.  Especially when completing that challenge involves my favourite crochet skill: cabling. So when the lovely Becky, part of the RACPA team and genius behind Barely There Bears asked me how she

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I LOVE Crochet Cables :D

1382287_740159812664986_215480012_n (1)

Crochet cables are awesome. Some people find them difficult to do.  I’ve definitely found my niche.  They not only look lovely on a finished project, by adding lots of texture, but keep it interesting for me whilst I’m making it.

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Good Morning Starshine

Seriously, I was probably born in the wrong decade.  I’m an 80’s kid, yet I love the music of many earlier era’s.  This one in particular never fails to get me in a hippy dippy mood.  Just makes me wanna

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