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An Hairbrush, Covered in Hair.


I wrote this back in 2009. For a Beautiful Strong Friend.  Much Loved, Much Missed… xxx I sit by the window, my eyes and chest hot and aching from the heaving sobs that had previously wracked them. My inhaler lies

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mother’s day

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I’m so sorry that this is the probably most inappropriate time ever but I HAVE to share this… The Boy (aka youngest Mumbler), after being presented with a pack of underpants, has decided to put them all on. At once.

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A Rose By Any Other Name…

I love the array of colours in a well-kept flower garden.  The rich pinks, reds, yellows blues and purples… the stark whites… The problem for me is that if I get too close, my head starts to get very fuzzy

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20 servings… 20 chocolates… must be a typo…  #chocolate #crocheting#omnom #fatshit

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Onesie and Epic Socks Sunday

I have THE most AWESOME friends… They have wicked senses of humour,  talent oozing out of their every pore in a miriad of beautiful creations, and once in a while, the opportunity to surprise me with something they just KNOW

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Hold Music…

  Aaaaaand… we’re past the 10 minute mark… do be do be doooby doooby elevator noise.  Not even music.  Some awful, out of tune computer generated spanish guitar junk… We all hate it, right? NOPE!  Not me.  Not today.  Cos

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You know those days?

When the clock ticks soooooooooo slowly that it was at least 479 hours ago that you got up at six a.m (bearing in mind we’re only just past noon)… Well… Why are those days never the ones where you can

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Oh. My. WORD. 2000 Likers on Facebook!

I seriously can’t quite believe that so many people have seen my facebook page, and followed it.  A little over 2 and a half years ago, I’d never made a hat, never used twitter, didn’t have a clue what networking

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International Happiness Day 2014

2014-03-20 17.59.26

Yesterday was a bad day.  “Like in the song” as Mumble so eloquently says.  A lot of things to deal with.  Exhausting for everyone at Mumble Manor.  We were in much need of happies. And so it dawned this morning,

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Proud Mummy

I am SOOOOOOOOO ridiculously proud of BOTH of my amazing children the last couple of days. Moreso than usual. Even I had underestimated just how f***ing EPIC they really are. My heart is fit to burst with the love and

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I Have No Clue What I’m Doing…

I wanted a portfolio.  A collection of my work, in one place, so you can all browse it at your leisure and see exactly what I’m capable of… However… I now have portfolio, technologies, executors and product catalogue tabs… and

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I think its a hit…

That little sandy brown ball of fluff at my feet is all I’ve seen of my son since he got up two hours ago… I’m almost finished but not quite. Each time I complete a row and flip it over

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‘Ownership’ merchandise coming soon!

My original and much beloved Harley and Joker pencil drawing… an embrace showing the complexity of their relationship… power in its most terrifyingly beautiful, tangible sense, will soon be available as a range of prints stationery and other merchandise. Watch

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Yeah yeah…

I SO need a comfort blanket this morning. :p lazy day of snuggles with the little people and hooking methinks. mumblesmummy posting mobile

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Illustrations Merchandise

Mumbles Mummy is ridiculously proud and pleased to announce that you can now own my Original Artwork as prints, greeting cards, and even teeshirts and hoodies! How cool is that?!?! The first design is my beautiful Chinese Water Dragon, and

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