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Another Day Done…

and now it’s time to wind down… Of course with wool and a brew.  What else?  

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How to Make a Sammidge. By Mumble.


I am “Mumble”.  I am four.  I was three for a long time but now I’m big and four.  My number is 4.   I can make my own sammidge all by my own self.  I’m a big girl now.

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Yay for INSET day! :D

I’m so looking forward to today, for a few reasons. 1 – It’s Friday.  Normally the last school day of the week. Meaning that coming up are two lovely days of spending time with my little people without interruption, agenda,

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The CroSlayHer’s Latest!

erins toy story

My beautiful online friend Erin from all the way over the waves in America, is one of the most inspiring crocheters I’ve ever met.  She is one of the few hookers out there I genuinely look up to and aspire

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My Artwork! Ingrained FOREVER!!!

brett holdsworth tattoo sketch

A while ago, I was asked to do a sketch which would eventually become a tattoo.  Although I’ designed my own tattoos before, I knew not much about creating “flash” for an artist, so it was a bit of a

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*giggles* Famous, Me. ;)

hollywood sign mm
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The World Is Moving Forwards.

You know what made me smile, today? Seeing two guys, maybe early 30s, walking along, holding hands, relaxed, confident, smiling, very much in love, and NOT being attacked, ridiculed, or abused in any way. In fact I saw many people

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And through all the blackness there appeared a rainbow…

I’ve been working on a lot of orders involving black lately… and as much as I love orders, and the designs I’m working, despite a high visibility daylight lamp, it WRECKS my eyes to work with dark colours so I

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Changing Like the Weather.

I feel bad that I haven’t posted anything of value in a while.  I’m working slowly through lots of ideas, main word being slow.  All of which currently just look like muticoloured tangles of yarn, and DUN DUN DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUNNNNNN!!!!! I

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Blood Doesn’t Grow on Trees.

I am so proud that my mum was one of the knitters involved in this super special yarn bomb.  See more beautiful images of this awesome ‘bomb’ here. Such a fantastic way of raising awareness for such a valuable cause, and

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What a Spoony Sees… The Reality of Invisible Illness.

Pain, pain GO AWAY, Come again some other day. I don’t want to sit here bitchin’, I need to crack on with my stitchin’. I’ve got a pile of WIPs to do, How can I, when I’m feelin’ poo? My

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And you know what that means?! SINGING AND DANCING IN THE RAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yup I’m crazy.  By most people’s standards anyway. Aaaand I don’t care. I love the rain because: Ducks love rain and ducks are hilarious and epic.  And have

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The Luckiest Mummy in the World

That’d be me. I have the two most beautiful and amazing people who call me Mummy. I am so blessed. They are smart, loving, kind, funny amazing creatures who give me reasons to smile every single day. I can’t wait

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Oh WOW! Thank you IndieMinded!

Fullscreen capture 11022014 000544

I’ve been featured on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How exciting!  Me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It’s still bizarre to think that people want to share the things I make with their readers… TOTAL MADNESS! Love it though!  What a warm and fuzzy feeling! I’ll write more once

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Today’s Three Positive Things

1 – I survived it. LOL. It’s been a long day.  But overall a good one. 2 – Mumble made me the COOLEST drawing at school It now resides in pride of place on my wall.  *proud* 3 – Mumble

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His Very Epic Sirness PuddlePup II

Fullscreen capture 07022014 163425

This is Sir Winston.  He’s a beautiful Bassett Hound.  He’s the colour of Thornton’s Special Toffee and probably twice as popular.   He is not just a dog.       He’s not even just a royal dog.     He’s

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