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Today’s Three Positive Things:

1) I’ve booked on 14 training courses between now and the end of March.  For Important Official Job. I have the happies.  Yeah, I know, I’m weird. 2) The problem with the water is fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiixedddd! I can now enjoy nice

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Feeling Blue…

I’m gonna go make something pretty to cheer myself up. *nods*.

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Today’s three positive things:

1) Little Man slept til after 8am. :O 2) I managed to get bathed in relative peace, dressed and ready for the training session without drama, fuss or last minute panic filled changing of clothes. 3) Came out of training

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I Hereby Forewarn of Curmudgeonry

cur•mudg•eon (kərˈmʌdʒ ən) a bad-tempered, difficult, cantankerous person.   Well, that’d be me then. My brain is full.  The kind of full that a suitcase is when you have to sit all the children and next door’s dog on it to

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Oh WOW Blogging makes my head hurt

Ladies and Gentlemen, I have spent far too many hours tweaking and adding and subtracting links and photos and words and and and… now my brain hurts.  I hope what I’ve got left resembles a website, and that the information

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100% Acrylic Yarns – Solid Colours

Acrylic Yarn is completely synthetic (man made). It is lightweight, soft, and warm, with a wool-like feel.  It comes in a huge range of colours. It is perfect for use in every day items, like hats, scarves, gloves and garments for babies,

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Current Postage Prices (January 2014)

All items are sent Recorded Delivery/Signed For/Confirmed Delivery for the protection of both seller and buyer.  Once posted, I am unable to guarantee the length of time it will take to get to you, I can only pass on the

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Curly Girl Prints More!

Fullscreen capture 27012014 184333

WOW! It’s HERE!!!!!!!!!!! ….and it is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! …and bladdy hell there are visuals….. (I only read the text version in the pre-print stages) Wow it looks so coooooooooooooool!!!! I LOVED the Comic Book and this is JUST as awesome, if not

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A Moment of Calm

This is a poem I wrote back in May of 2010… for my beautiful, comical larger-than-life daughter “Mumble”, who lights up my life and my day, and whose awesome temper tantrums I love almost as much as her cuddles. She

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Eeeekkk! How Exciting! My first pattern has been released!

2014-01-16 07.00.10

Welllllll…. the tallest Mini Mumbler has been bossing me around again, and telling me off for getting it wrong… *sigh* and finally, after a couple of sighs and rolled eyes and “no, Mummy that’s WRONG”s…. I’ve actually managed to design

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For a Dear Friend.

As of yet, we’ve not met in person…. But this lady has played a major part in me recovering from the terrible times of the last 12 months.  She’s such a sunny, kind, wonderful lady, always with time to talk,

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Pitt Stop Hat

2014-01-25 10.48.22

Another of The Designer Daughter’s idea’s coming to fruition: There she stands, her tiny little frame with her beautiful sweet little voice, asking me “Can you please make me sumfin wif this?” Holding out in her small, star shaped hands,

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This thingy asking me for what’s on my mind…

2013-07-03 09.13.14

fine, ok…. you asked for it… Here’s my thought process over the last five minutes or so…. the sequence, in my head, flows logically from one thing to another. This is how my mind works. ALL. The. Time. I can’t

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Sling-It-Together Slouch

Introducing, hot off the hook, a totally unique and whimsical stylish slouchy hat.  With its fabulous hand turned feature wooden button, and random array of stitches, its a texturefilled, lightweight yet warm statement which looks great in either solid colours

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Twinkle, Twinkle, Superstar….

star stitch gloves

These gorgeous gloves are both stylish and terrifically warm.  Due to the nature of its construction, the star stitch involves several strands of yarn layering on top of itself to create a deep trap of air, and encouraging an insulating

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The Curly Girl In Print!

Fullscreen capture 27012014 184333

Another EEEEEEEEEEKKKKK!!!! has hit a fabulous friend of MumblesMummy – the girl with the curly hair, with the help of several followers and crowd funder project has pulled off publishing the first of her PRINTED books: THE COMIC. For those

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