FAQ: How Do I Customise?

I get it.  You’ve seen something you like.  Maybe even love. That’s great!

But you don’t see the exact. thing. you. want.

What you’ve seen has caught your attention but…t’s not quite perfect for you, right?  It’s not the right colour, or not in your size…. maybe you’d like the ears a little different or see if it’s possible to make it a little longer?


Well, here at MumblesMummy, every single item is made by hand, by me.  Beth.  So… if there’s something you’d love if only it were a little different… click the contact me tab.  Message me. Talk to me.  I have access to an huge array of yarns, colours, fibre contents, and a whole headful of magic that I haven’t yet had chance to bring into existence.

Plus,  I’m totally happy to be challenged, in fact, I welcome it! I promise I don’t bite, and neither do the kids, so come and say hi!


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Woolly Science Lesson 1: Schrödinger’s Hat

As the winter draws in and I start upping my hooking speed for the yearly hat-making marathon, I thought I’d share some of my woolly wisdom in the form of simple lessons explaining yarny awesomeness.  As with everything else, they’re going to be added at random intervals, especially for those of you interested in the more educational aspects of what I do.  You’re Welcome.

Lesson 1 regards the problem many people face of keeping warm at the risk of looking way less fabulous than usual simply because of the choice of headwear and apparel available to those who have not yet discovered Woolly Nonsense.  For this reason, many people forego the use of hats and other woolly apparel, choosing instead to freeze their (yarn) balls off.  Not great, eh?

To confront this myth, I decided to conduct an experiment involving some of my long-adoring fans (and some new ones too), to prove the woollerific principle of Schrödinger’s Hat, and am pleased to confirm that YES, you can be warm and cool at the same time!!!
The Solution to your life long search for Epicness is simple:

Step 1: Realise that you don’t have to shop on the high street, or put up with the scratchy knitted wool wear made by your aunt.

Step 2: Think about the perfect hat.  Think about how it looks, the colour(s), the way you look in it. Are you Awesome or WHAT?!


Step 3: Click the “contact” button on your favourite hooker’s Epic Website ;) and tell her all about your idea. She’ll probably have questions, to help her understand your epicness, but don’t be fazed… it’s all about Schrödinger’s Hat.

Step 4: Wait for your sketch/photos.

Be. Deliriously. Happy.

Step 5: Checkout, and wait impatiently for your package to arrive, then take lots of selfies and share them on fb to be in with a chance of winning a prize! *


*prizes may vary in value, competitions are run periodically and at MumblesMummy's discretion.
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Regarding Digital Pattern Stores

OK, so the UK has voted to leave the E.U.


In all honesty, it’s taken me too long already to try to meet the ridiculous expectations of the digital download laws that happened in January 2015 on my website.

For the time being, I have suspended my stores on the various websites they are on for my paid patterns.  The free patterns will remain unless I discover that giving things away is an issue too.  I am so, SO sorry for the inconvenience this causes, but I really have no clue how best to move forwards at this point until all of the hateful attitudes, speculation and controversy has settled.

It is my understanding that I am still within the law to offer patterns for sale via email.  This means that you will still be able to purchase patterns from me, but that the process, at least for now, won’t be instant. I check my notifications daily and will continue to do this, and respond to queries and requests as quickly as I can so that you will still be able to access the designs you love so much.

Right now, I think all I can do is wait and see what happens. *sigh*.

I am continuing to work on various new and exciting patterns.  I am working hard to have enough of a selection available to you for you to be spoilt for choice when I am able to re-launch my pattern store. Unfortunately, right here and now I do not know when that will be.  I don’t have a launch date.  I don’t have all of the information yet that I need to make it happen.  But I will. I promise there will be much, much more from me in due course.  I just have to make sure that I’m not taking unreasonable risks in making it available to you.

In the meantime, I hope you are all well, happy and doing things that make you smile.



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New Start. New Me.

Oh Wow.  So many things.  So very many things have happened.

So many wonderful people lost to us from this world, who will be so very sadly missed.  So many new friends to make new memories with.  So many changes in life, love, location… All of it leading to this point.

And here I am.  Once again.

Things got very very dark for a long time but I found a torch and fiddled with it til I got it working. ;)  Depression and Anxiety suck.  And although they can never be totally erased by those who suffer with them, they can at least be banished to a dark corner to think about what they did wrong.  Mine are currently arguing over the WIP basket.

Some journeys, particularly involving emotional growth, you have to travel by yourself.  To prove that you can.  To yourself more than anyone else.  I’ve travelled a long way and am proud of myself for achieving the things I have.  I have had a few cheerleaders along the way, true friends who have helped beyond measure, who know who they are.  Thank you.

So I made changes.  Lots of changes.  All of them for the better.

Back to my wonderful little woolly world where things are bright and happy and fun.  Dusting off my creativity and seeing what sparks may fly.

Now the solo part of my journey is over, I look forward to sharing this part of my journey with you, my wonderful, loyal followers, who during my absence have continued to support my little woolly business, send messages of support, and sharing images of my work with their circles of friends and family.

Don’t forget to add my social media pages to your lists, and my website to your bookmarks to be kept up to date with the latest from the shiny new Mumble Manor. (More about that coming soon).

Watch this space!




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Oh Dear.

Well, it reached the point where I was going to start getting calls from the TV show “Epic Hoarders” here at Mumble Manor…so I decided to start decluttering.  We are talking a major downsize.


New year, new life and all that jazz for me has been about owning much much less and having much much more room around here so the creative juices can flow a little better. So…I’ve been on a mega dejunking mission.  It got brutal. I mean… I gathered alllllllllllllllllllll my yarn stashes into the same place at the same time and even *I* was a little taken aback at how really offensively large the pile was… SO… To make room in my life for the Whole New Chapter, involving many new changes, I’ve even HALVED my yarn stash.






*whimpers* …Thing is, I still possess an obnoxious amount of yarn.  *happy dance* What a good job my significant other is totally awesome and doesn’t bat an eye at it all *giggles*.   Patience of a saint, that man :P

My Three Positives Today?

1- That I have all this yarn in the first place,

2 – That I have the ability to make ridiculous/beautiful/amazing things from aforementioned yarn and (most importantly)

3- That my family love me more than enough to accept my random eccentricities and also that my stash will always need a room of its own. Even in those space saving sucky vacuum bag things. lol.

However, if I worked full time at my business (which I’m going to be able to do again later this year – hurrah!) there is probably just about enough materials to keep me busy for about two or three months… whew!

So actually, I’m a very industrious little woollybrain and it’s all totally, utterly necessary…. Right?!




Image Credit: Unknown. If this is your image or you know of its source, please let me know so I can credit properly. thanks!

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After a long break away from social media and the internet in general, I will be dusting it off and being much more active again. I will soon be making some changes to the way things are run on platforms like facebook and twitter etc. I’ll be updating a few things and maybe altering some album layouts and other bits and pieces to make the site more easy to navigate too. Don’t worry, I’m not disappearing forever, I’ll be back in a couple of weeks, BUT, I will be unpublishing the various social media pages one or more at a time whilst I make the necessary changes and work out what is next for MumblesMummy.

This means that a search via google or social networks will not bring you to the appropriate pages. Don’t panic. That’s the point. So I can change things around on there without filling your newsfeeds with silly posts that in all honesty are probably no longer relevant.  The website will remain up and running at least until after the social media overhaul is done.  If the website will require an overhaul too, I’ll let you know how I can be contacted in the meantime.

If you need to get in touch you can do so via the contact page on my website here: http://mumbles-mummy.co.uk/contact/  Make sure you have the website saved in your bookmarks so you can check in with me when the need arises ;)

I look forward to being around much more and hopefully appearing once again in your newsfeeds, as I at last, finally, return to work in my world of woolly nonsense.

Many thanks for your ongoing support.


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Happy Star Wars Day!


Many thanks to the lovely Lee for modelling his gnarly edition Boba Fett hat, and to Anthony Didsbury Photography for this epic Photo!

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*waves from behind a pile of yarn* COOOEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

It’s been such a long time since I posted here.  So much has happened.  So many many things.  I don’t have the words right now.

I AM still here, working away behind the scenes, a lot of house stuff and day job stuff and running around after the mini mumblers… busy busy busy, even managing to find some time to work on some ‪#‎crochet ‬goodies… slowly but surely I’m getting the ‪#‎chaos‬ under control. There has been so very much chaos. *sighs, and looks around and surveys the damage*.

The last few months have been a bit… well, a very lot… of a blur, and hopefully normality will be able to be resumed very soon *gigglesnorts and mutters about as if anything can be normal at mumble manor*.

I look forward to bringing you some new things, old favourites and lots more interaction very soon!

Much love and well wishes.

Beth. xx

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Ravelry Store Sale! 33% off!

Since I turned 33 this year, and the ridiculously heavy rain has put me in a good mood, I decided to offer 33% off all of my patterns in my Ravelry Store ONLY. It’s a multiple use code so you can buy as many patterns as you wish! One lucky purchaser will also receive a special little bonus prize from me at the end of the promotion. The code is “happyholiday33″ .  A little click on RavCham here will take you right to my store:


ravelry bert


Please note I’m having to make changes to the website again so my website digital stores are temporarily down.  I’m sorry for the inconvenience.


Craftsy patterns are not affected by this promotion and will go through at full price.  Patterns are non-refundable so please ensure that the code is accepted. Please be careful since mistakes will not be rectified once the transaction has completed!


Help me share the love, and tell all your hookerific friends!  Promotion starts NOW and ends at midnight 19th August 2015 GMT. GO GO GO!


Can’t crochet but want something I’ve designed? Maybe you cant find that perfect item of woolly nonsense anywhere? Feel free to contact me to request a special custom order and I’ll make it just for you!!!

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Favourite. Images. Ever.



 I’m sat here knowing exactly how very lucky I am.received_1649579005278412

These two are by far the most amazing things I ever made :D

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Comfort Crocheting

The rain is falling, which makes me smile.  I’m an oddball like that.  But today, I can’t play out in the rain. (Boooooooooo!) Instead i’m hitting my WIPS (Work In Progress) basket and enjoying things that got cast aside for one reason or another.  When this happens I simply work on whatever catches my eye until it either does my head in and goes back in the basket, or is finished.


This is what caught my eye today…IMG_20150529_132409


What’s on your hook today? What’s the WIP? Hit those half-mades and lets see how many things we can complete!

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Happy Star Wars Day!

May the 4th be with you!

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Happy Easter!



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I Spy A Clown Fish


… because little people all love snuggling… and not all of them want to be a mermaid…

clown fish tail collage

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I Spy A Mermaid



So Mumble decided that in order to realise her dream of being a mermaid that she needed a tail… and in order to grow that tail she should eat sushi on a daily basis. Sounds like a plan. I figured I’d help speed things along a little by waving my magic wooden stick and muttering for a bit.

Thing is, when you play with hooks for long enough, once in a while things can get a bit fishy… (but always awesome)…Fafa Mermaid

So *poof!*

In true fairy godmother style, look what appeared…right here! Sat playing Angry Birds on my smartphone! She did say she was going to eat sushi until she turned into a mermaid, but I suspect that’s just ‘cos she loves seaweed…so as usual, I let the magic happen…


And it’s not just her Mumble Majesty that gets to have all the fun! you can too! These gorgeous handcrafted snuggle sacks are available to custom order in all sizes, newborn to adult, any and all colours. Simply contact me to discuss your requirements! (Child in photo’s not included ;) )


Patterns and co-ordinating accessories coming very soon!


To view the current price list click the image below:



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Half Term Insomnia


Well, half term holiday is over, the Usual Routine can resume… it’s been awesome sharing extra snuggles with the little people and being able to glide around at a slower, calmer, more mindful pace, taking a breath and enjoying the memories as they happen.

But then the little people get tired and need to sleep (booooooo) and there’s nobody around to play with till Mr. Mumbler gets home after a long shift.  So I have choices, I can kill time on social media (a little is great but too much is a bad bad bad thing :p) orrrr I can bingewatch yet another 15 season long gory something on netflix whilst crocheting…

I’ll post a little about each of these later today or tomorrow (my brain isn’t really doing words this morning after a stressful start to the day) but I wanted to share with you the photo’s of some lovely new designs i’ve been working on.  As ever, they will be available as beautiful handmade items in the colour(s) of your choice, or for the hooky types amongst you, the patterns will be along soon over the next few weeks! Cool, huh?

rosa mia collageSuch a girly pink set for me… those of you who have followed me for a while know that pink is my least favourite colour to play with… but when i saw the colours of this yarn i just couldn’t resist turning it into something warm for a pretty little princess. This gift set is currently available here, and can be requested in the colours and sizes of your chice, simply contact me to discuss!

miami stripesWhy Miami? I BLAME NETFLIX! I went and got myself addicted to “Dexter”, a very gruesome crime series (you have been warned: not for the faint hearted or queasy, it’s incredibly graphic)…set in Miami, the questionably pastelmess of the protagonists shirts definitely set off my need to fuse together these colours in what turned out to be one of my favourite baby blanket designs! This gorgeous set is available to purchase here, or as always feel free to place a custom order to request a bespoke set for your bundle of joy!

building blocks blanket collage

Well, there was rainbow yarn.  Aaaand evryone loves rainbows, right?! This exact set is available to order here or contact me to discuss a custom order in the colours and sizes of your choice!diamonds are forever

See, now this reminds me slightly of Downton Abbey… The colours are so rich and pretty, coming together so well! This particular set is available to purchase now! What kind of colours would you choose for your precious little person? Maybe you’d like one in a larger size for an older child or adult? Drop me a line to discuss your custom order today!let it snow collage

This set is just so cute, a bright electric blue with the most deliciously strong shade of pink, in a lusciously lacy design! This set is waiting for you to buy it here, as with all items, you can custom order in other sizes & colours.
vintage elegance collageThis stunning set has now been sold, but can be custom ordered in the sizes and colours of your choice! Simply contact me to discuss your requirements!

my princess collage

This beautiful blanket incorporates a feature ribbon saying “my princess” in a beautiful rich red. Why not order it today for your special little girl? Check it out right here!


All of the above items as always can be handcrafted just for you or someone you love in the colours and sizes of your choice. Simply get in touch to discuss your needs!


The crochet patterns are currently being written up, tested, retested, double checked and prettified and will be available to download soon!

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My name's Beth. This is my world of woolly nonsense. I am a mum of two, and work from home, making beautiful handmade crocheted and jewellery gifts for yourself or your loved ones. Many OOAK (One of a Kind) pieces are offered, in addition to a range of patterns. Bespoke items can be made or request, custom orders welcomed. Read more

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